Peppermint Technology is the multi-award winning provider of the Legal Service Platform, a new generation of legal software. Built on the strong foundation of the industry leading Microsoft Dynamics, the Platform brings together in one place all the Applications, Transactions, Collaboration and Content tools required to operate a high performing, client centric law firm.

Peppermint have embraced the multi billion dollar investment Microsoft has made in the Dynamics Business Platform, and tailored it for the legal market.  They have made the Microsoft Dynamics Business Platform accessible to every legal firm, previously only within the reach of those firms with very large technology budgets. In recognition of Peppermint's achievements the company was awarded Microsoft UK Partner of the Year 2013.

the role CMA Can Play In Your Firm’s Peppermint Project

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Colin Morris & Associates Ltd
IT Consulting
  • Pre-sales engagement with prospects to scope out an effective plan for implementation and post go live support (symbiotically with Peppermint so that Peppermint retain the parts of the implementation it wants to and maintains control).
  • Business re-engineering to align working practices and expectations with Peppermint.  Preparing people for what is to come.
  • Workshops to position Peppermint to partners and other staff – eyes wide open.
  • Programme management – working alongside the Peppermint project manager to manage resources from the client, CMA and Peppermint.
  • Technical implementation services – development of solutions, workflows, templates, reports, dashboards etc. etc.
  • Initial ground level CRM implementation followed by behavioural change training aimed at delivering maximum benefits
  • Management of the UAT process
  • Training – both train the trainer and end user
  • Testing in all forms
  • Go Live support
  • Post Go Live floorwalking and end user support
  • Going Live is just the beginning – development of opportunities to maximise the benefit firms receive from Peppermint.